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USB4.0 and DP2.0 respective technical presentation


VESA announced that DP2.0 physical connector which match USB-C. Big boom!

USB3.2 TO USB3.2 TYPE-C cable
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DP and HDMI, USB, these old enemies in the field of audio and video for a long time, have been muttering to occupy each other’s market, but the latest news, historic, VESA organization announced the updated DP2.0 specification, allowing the USB Type-C interface to convert to DP2.0 mode, allowing the USB Type-C interface to convert to DP2.0 mode for the transmission of audio and video Resources, handshake protocol passed, USB4 interface and DisPlayPort 2.0 (hereinafter referred to as DP2.0) surprisingly come together.

Display port 1.4v

Brief description of DP: DisplayPort (referred to as DP) is a digital video interface standard developed by the PC and chip manufacturer alliance and standardized by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). Connectivity for devices such as displays, and also supports carrying audio, USB, and other forms of data.

The DP2.0 specification was announced in June last year. It can provide a maximum bandwidth of 77.4Gbps, which is nearly three times that of DP1.4. It can transmit video resources with 16K resolution (15360 x 8640), 60Hz, and 30 color depth (bpp).
However, the maximum bandwidth of USB 4 based on Thunderbolt 4 is only 40Gbps, so 4K/8K will be the mainstream. It is said that the upgraded version of USB4 has also been drafted, and it also supports the transmission of 16K 60Hz video. It is said that the upgraded version of USB4 is more inclined to optoelectronics Mixed module combination, the bandwidth will continue to increase exponentially, and the possibility of upgrading to 80Gbps bandwidth after the later improvement of USB4 is not ruled out, which is also full of expectations.

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According to VESA, they are working closely with the USB-IF organization. In the future, users can use the DP interface, USB-C cable to output, or use the DP tunnel mode of the USB4/Thunderbolt 4 interface. HDMI itself uses DP We will not talk about tunnel mode transmission here. According to the plan, USB4 integrated with DP2.0 will appear in commercial equipment as soon as 2021. However, it seems that there may be related equipment in the fourth quarter. Thunderbolt 4 integration The product has been released in the last two months, and I can only sigh that the interface competition in the consumer field is too fierce. For about more DP tech standard, pleaes visit https://www.vesa.org

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