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The Development Process of HDMI HD Cable Technology


HDMI, is kind of display consumer connector technology, since 2004. It transimison all kinds HD picture. The full name is High definition Multimedia Interface.

From 2004 2022, the global market sold out devices about 11 trillion pcs. That is huge numbers. After years development, HDMI have continued upgrade, which start to from HDMI1.0, HDMI1.2v, HDMI1.3v, HDMI1.4v, HDMI2.0v, HDMI2.1v etc. Also, there are different conductor, CCS, CCC, Hybrid with Fiber.

8K HDMI AOC cable

Differen version support different video format, till now, the highest version HDMI cable which could support 8K/120Hz resolution. Each high level could compatible the old version. Interesting thing, the major cable or video format, 4K/60Hz or we call HDMI2.0 Cable still most popular in the world. This is why most of devices could not support 8K, also each country video maker who could not willing do, high cost and small market, new 8K devices still spread like a turtle. but 8K times is actually on the way.

The Battle with Display port.

If you are professional people in this industry, you also know another connection agreement. Display port. HDMI and DP, almost kill others in video transmission standard. Till now, HDMI became King of this field. Because of DP focus on premium devices or more professional market, this lead to the demands is smaller than HDMI. Besides, HDMI matrix members which own many big brand manufacturer than DP matrix member. Then, HDMI become No.1 in the market.

HDMI still have future in 5G/6G times?

Yes, HDMI as a connector agreement, as least, within 10 years, still exist value, after all, the hardware upgrade is not so quickly and WiFi or wireless thing, there are have some limitation. For example, the outdoor display, long distance, wireless could not reach it and only use cable to link, then promise the video resolution stability and performance.

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