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How to set up Smart TV and Amplier with one HDMI Cable

HDMI Home theater

Every family has a large and small home theater center, but many people do not know how to simply connect directly thought it is very complicated, in fact, it is very simple, as long as your device with a HDMI interface, everything just need a HDMI high-definition cable to get all the equipment, as a decade-old HDMI manufacturer, the following to tell you how to set up the connection.

Prepare the equipment: a 4K or 8K HDMI cable with HDMI interface smart TV and amplifier, and there are speaker system, ready to complete the following setup steps:

1, one end connected to the TV backend with ARC/EARC interface, because HDMI HD has an audio return function, while opening the TV to open the settings to find the audio settings, set the audio to external speakers. TV also confirm whether there is open ARC, many brands are automatically pre-set. If you wanna check HDMI adopter list, please visit https://www.hdmi.org


2, the other end connected to the amplifier, plug into the total HDMI interface with OUT, open the options function, find the audio, click to change to select the HDMI channel. Find the settings settings, enter the menu to find the HDMI option, click enter, turn on the HDMI option, while opening ARC.

Smart TV with HDMI ARC or EARC

After completing the above steps, turn on the TV, generally the TV automatically selects the HDMI signal channel, it will be fine. If you need to know more about HDMI, please visit https://www.dbtlink.com/products

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