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What is the Definition of Resistance and Capacitance in Type-C Connector

As Type C was first introduced, there was a widely reported incident known as the “Benson Leung saga.” Google engineer Benson Leung destroyed his $800 Chromebook Pixel laptop by incorrectly connecting a USB Type-C cable. With more and more Type C connector manufacturers entering the market and competition becoming increasingly fierce, various connectors that do […]

Interpretation of the New USB4 80G Specification

USB-C Charging cable factory

USB4 is a new USB protocol standard that can support high-speed data transfer, video output, charging, and other functions. The “80G” refers to the maximum data transfer rate of up to 80Gbps. Here are some interpretations of the USB4 80G new specification: USB4 v2 80Gbps What are the changes? 1, E-Marker declared as 100b 2, […]

How do you know USB-C Charging Cable working princinple

As technology becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives, one item that we rely on heavily is the charging cable. Charging cables are essential for powering our devices and keeping them charged throughout the day. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at charging cables, their types, their uses, and some best […]

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