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HDMI Adopter

10 years OEM HDMI CABLE, Fiber HDMI cable, Charging Cable, USB3.2/4 Cable, HDMI/ISO Factory certification

Take Seconds to Check HDMI/Charging Cable Proudction Process

Over more than 10 years, OEM more than 500+ brand customer around the world, In the past decades, we have produced hundreds and thousands cables across the globe. With advanced technology and strict quality control, we are able to produce high quality and save cost for you and to support your business, increase its value, and make it more successful and profitable.

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HDMI head shell Injection line


Inject Machine

HDMI Wire twisted machine


Wire Machine

HDMI Cable Assemble production line


Team People

HDMI drawing wire machine


Produce Area

HDMI Cable and charging cable warehouse

300K PCS

Monthly Output

What Product We Do OEM&ODM

HDMI Adopter, New and Effiency Production Technology Sourcing, make sure your brand quality warranty and Saving Cost, No worry about any import Tax. we also have a all kinds of HDMI device testing lab and cooperate with USA DPL Lab, which is high speed testing area authority. 

What Do we provide Benefits to you


increasing your Sales Profit

Completely OEM Production lines/Big Material Stock/Effeciency and Low cost production way with Good quality


brand labeling

Service 300+ Brand company in China, EU, USA, Turkety, Russia
You do not need to buy extra certification, we do offer, like HDMI Adopter, ROHS, TUCA, REACH etc


Quick Sample and Small Order

As a OEM Manufacturer, we always do in-Stock for customer, if you order not too big, wanna fast, then our in-stock to help you.


 we own HDMI Adopter, ISO90001:2006, Material could offer UL number, Product match ROHS/REACH/FCC/TUCA/CAL65/CCC etc

The Reasons of Choosing

Completely Production

From pulling wire, injection, soldering, tooling, QC, Testing, packing, delivery, we build a stand station solution

depth Technology

Dbtlink has worked with USA DPL Lab and it’s focus on high speed and HD video testing lab. 

Completely testing

Dbtlink own all kinds of brand actual device, signal equipment. make sure all things and all cables quality and standard level.

each production step finish, our QC team who checking before next to step. This is customer who love. because we are not just checking finished product, we also checking each produce step. 

timely respond

We have an excellent team which repond timely, no matter where they are. From production to sales after service, customer issue which is their issue. Solve issue for customer

Warranty Policy

as long as non-person issue or nature disease etc, The each product we give customer 3 years warranty. During valid time, once find quality issue, free exchange and delivery with new one

Discover Tech with Dbtlink

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